For Mere Mortals Series

The goal of The For Mere Mortals® Series is to present you with information on important technology topics in an easily accessible, common sense manner. The primary audience for Mere Mortals books is that of readers who have little or no background or formal training in the subject matter. Books in the series avoid dwelling on the theoretical but instead take you right into the heart of the topic with a matter-of-fact, hands-on approach. The books are not designed to address all the intricacies of a technology, but they do not avoid or gloss over complex, essential issues either. Instead they focus on providing core, foundational knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and that will properly ground you in the topic. This practical approach provides you with a smooth learning curve and helps you to immediately begin to solve your real world problems. It also prepares you for more advanced treatments of the subject matter should you decide to pursue them. And it even enables the books to serve as solid reference material for those of you with more experience. The software-independent approach taken also teaches the concepts in such a way that they can be applied to whatever particular application or system you may need to use.

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