The Net Objectives Lean-Agile Series

Net Objectives provides fully integrated Lean-Agile training, consulting, and coaching solutions for business, management, teams, and individuals. Series editor Alan Shalloway and the Net Objectives team strongly believe that software—in itself—isn't important. It is the value that software contributes—to the business, to the consumer, to the user—that is important. When developing software, we must always remember to look at what value is being added by our work.

The best—and perhaps only—way to achieve effective product development across the organization is a well-thought-out combination of lean principles to guide the enterprise, agile practices to manage teams, and core technical skills (e.g. test-driven development, design patterns). The goal of the Net Objectives Lean-Agile Series is to move software development from being merely a craft to being a true profession while helping integrate management and individuals in work efforts that "optimize the whole".

• The whole organization: Integrating enterprise, team, and individuals to best work together.
• The whole product: Not just its development, but also its maintenance and integration.
• The whole of time: Not just now, but in the future. We want sustainable ROI from our effort.

Books included in this series are written by expert members of Net Objectives. They are designed to help practitioners understand and implement these key concepts and principles in order to make more valuable software.