The Que on Demand Series:
What You Need, When You Need It!

This visual reference gives you step-by-step instructions along with full color screenshots that show you exactly what to do. Perfect for beginning through advanced users, this series provides you with complete coverage of basic to advanced level tasks.

Each task is presented on one page or two facing pages, with step-by-step instructions in the left column and screen illustrations on the right. This arrangement lets you focus on a single task without having to turn the page. The concise step-by-step instructions show you how to accomplish a task, with illustrations that directly correspond to the easy-to-read steps. And timesavers, checklists, and sidebars help you work more efficiently or provide you with more in-depth information on a task.

There's no need to create your own sample files—real-world example files are provided to give you a context in which to use a task. Online workshops to walk you through in-depth projects. You'll start each project with a sample file, work through the steps, then compare your results with project results files at the end.

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QuickBooks 2014 on Demand
Windows 8.1 on Demand
OS X Mavericks on Demand
WordPress on Demand

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Series Features

  • Designed so you can jump in, get the info you need, and keep working.
  • Tasks are presented on no more than two facing pages.
  • Real-world examples convey why you would perform a specific task.
  • Easy-to-follow format: step-by-step instructions are in the left column, and screen illustrations are in the right column.
  • New features guide in the back of each book provides a complete description of each new feature.
  • "Did You Know" sidebars offer tips and techniques to help you work smarter and faster.
  • Troubleshooting guide helps you when you get stuck.
  • Some books include certification objectives for the Adobe Certified Professional (ACP) and Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) exams.