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Ken Pepple

KEN PEPPLE is an IT Architect in the Sun Professional Services (SunPS) Asia Pacific practice. In this role, he assists clients with enterprise computing architectures, concentrating on advanced data center projects. In addition to these activities, Ken recently co-authored, with David Hornby, the Sun BluePrints(TM) book Consolidation in the Data Center: Simplifying IT Environments to Reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

BRIAN DOWN has been at Sun for five years in Sun's Global Sales Organization as a Senior Staff Engineer and most recently in SunPS, where he holds the position of Chief Architect for Enterprise Migration for the Americas. For several years, Brian has focused on developing Sun's migration methodology and solution strategy, helping to develop and identify the value proposition associated with such implementations. Prior to joining SunPS, Brian focused on performance and custom engineering initiatives related to strategic server installations for the GSO.

DAVID LEVY is a Senior Consultant in the SunPS United Kingdom (UK) organization. He is currently leading the program for the UK's Consolidation and Migration team, concentrating on data center architectures and economics. Prior to this role, Dave led the UK's financial services consulting team based in London. Dave has successfully completed numerous consolidation and migration projects for banking and media customers.