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Brian Gardner

Bryan Sills is an Android developer and instructor at Big Nerd Ranch. He enjoys breaking down complex topics into teachable bites. He is an avid Chicago music fan and is often spotted biking around the city.

Brian Gardner is a senior Android developer at CashApp and a former Big Nerd Ranch instructor. Always looking for something to learn, you can find him digging into the newest Android libraries, learning to draw, baking, and traveling.

Kristin Marsicano is the director of engineering at CallRail and a former senior engineering manager at Big Nerd Ranch. She is passionate about learning, app development, and the intersection of the two as well as running, playing ukulele, and building Lego creations with her kids.

Chris Stewart is an engineering manager at Google and a former VP of engineering at Big Nerd Ranch. He is dedicated to constant improvement and works to perfect his craft as much as possible. When not in front of a computer, Chris enjoys hiking and traveling.