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Ilya Sterin

Mark Riehl has several years of experience in software development in a number of operating systems using Perl, XML, and C/C++. Most of his software experience is network related, having recently led teams developing a web-based network planning tool and a modeling and simulation effort that combined both live and virtual components. He works for a small company that provides innovative technical solutions for challenging technical problems. Also, he is a user and faithful supporter of open source software and contributes to the community whenever time permits. He has both BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering.

Ilya Sterinhas extensive professional knowledge and experience in systems and web programming as well as other software development. He has utilized a wide variety of languages and tools along with various database management packages to develop and maintain a variety of applications. He is an active developer/contributor to open source software. He has written four Perl modules: XML::CSV, XML::Excel, XML::SAXDriver::CSV, and XML::SAXDriver::Excel, now available through www.cpan.org (Comprehensive PERL Archive Network) and used worldwide. He is an active participant in PERL DBI and XML mailing lists and is a big contributor to the PERL community.