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Roman Verhovsek

David Fox works for Next Game, Inc., creating Web and wirelessmultiplayer games. Prior to that, his design and development credits includeMichael Crichton's "Westworld 2000," Fox Interactive's"X-Files: Unauthorized Access," and PlayLink's real-time strategy"Citizen 01." He is the author of several best-selling books aboutInternet technologies, and his writing frequently appears in publications suchas Salon.com, Gamasutra, and Developer.com. David has presented topics in Javagaming at Sun Microsytem's JavaOne conference for the past three years, andhas been the winner of the Motorola-Nextel Developer Challenge for the past twoyears.

Roman Verhovsek is CEO and co-founder of Cocoasoft Ltd., where he isleading a team of J2ME developers. He holds a bachelor's degree inelectrical engineering from the University of Ljubljana, and is working on hismaster's degree of computer science. Since early 1996, he has focusedprimarily on Java technologies, and for last two years in particular onJava-enabled small devices. In 2001 he held a lecture on J2ME game developmentat the JavaOne conference. In his other life, Roman enjoys cooking,mountaineering, jogging, and traveling with his girlfriend, Lina.