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Mark Ramm

Mark Ramm is IT Manager for Humantech and founder of Compound Thinking, Inc. Over the years, he has programmed Web applications in a wide range of technologies, including Python, TurboGears, CGI, Perl, PHP, ASP, Java Struts, and Ruby on Rails. He has written for Linux Magazine and various online publications, and is author of a leading IT Management blog (http://compoundthinking.com/blog).


Kevin Dangoor is the creator of TurboGears. He has been a professional programmer for nineteen years using Python, Java, and Perl to create database-driven applications. Dangoor has founded two software companies. The first, Kendermedia, released a blog-like program in 1999, long before the term “blogging” was invented. The second, Blazing Things, offers Zesty News, an automated, customizable RSS reader, and TurboGears training videos. Dangoor’s popular blog, http://BlueSkyOnMars.com, has covered a wide variety of topics since 2001.


Gigi Sayfan specializes in cross-platform object-oriented programming in C/C++/C#/Python/Java with emphasis on large-scale distributed systems. He has experience in diverse domains such as low-level Web browser hacking, instant messaging, 2D animation and morphing, large-scale process control, multimedia, and Web development. Sayfan is the author of articles in various software development magazines.