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Edward G. Muzio

Edward G. Muzio is President and CEO of Group Harmonics and a leader in the application of analytical models to enhance group effectiveness. He has started large organizations and small companies, led global initiatives in technology development and employee recruitment, and published papers ranging from manufacturing strategy to individual skills and productivity.


Dr. Deborah J. Fisher is a Visiting Research Professor at the University of New Mexico. Dedicated to group productivity and human motivation, she has served as Director of the Engineering Management Program at the University of Houston. Fisher has automated organizational learning for the construction industry, created employee development models for Sandia National Laboratories, and educated generations of professionals.


Erv Thomas, PE, is a Program Manager at Intel Corporation. For the past several years he has been responsible for recruiting, mentoring, and developing the world’s top engineering talent. He has dedicated over 30,000 hours to helping professionals and young adults live up to their full potential. Thomas has been a design engineer, an educator, and the founding director of a non-profit organization where he mentors teens at risk.