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Stewart Baird

Stewart Baird is an independent consultant who splits his time between software development, leading, and writing. Prior to starting his own company, he worked for KPMG Consulting, New Zealand, where he was a leading evangelist in their Extreme Programming (XP) implementation. He's presented and taught on XP in both the United States and New Zealand. Nowadays he's kept busy by helping clients develop their solutions using XP and other Agile techniques.

Though spending most of his recent career working with Microsoft tools, he's a strong advocate of open source development. Initially, he started his working life in the avionics and embedded systems fields. Sometime in the late 80s he met and fell in love with the C programming language. Before long he was writing applications in IBM's OS/2 operating system; he never looked back and has been "doing software" ever since. That fact that he's lived and worked in the United States, England, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany might help to explain his outrageous accent. Currently, he and his family make their home just outside Wellington, New Zealand. He can be contacted through his company GDS at http://www.greendoorservices.com.