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Richard Puckett

Robbie Allen is a Systems Architect and Programmer for the Enterprise Management (EMAN) group within Cisco Systems' Information Technology department. Robbie is the lead architect for Cisco's Active Directory design and deployment and was a technical lead for the automation and deployment of Cisco's DNS and DHCP infrastructure. He is the co-author of Managing Enterprise Active Directory Services.

Richard Puckett is a technical lead and developer inside of Cisco System's Enterprise Management (EMAN) group, and is the author of Windows NT: Automated Deployment and Customization (MTP, 1-57870-045-0) and co-author of Managing Enterprise Active Directory Services (AW, 0-672-32125-4). He is the principal developer of Cisco's Active Directory migration utility ("Immigrant"), which successfully migrated over 55,000 systems worldwide into Cisco's production Active Directory. Richard has spoken at conferences such as DECUS and Networld+Interop on a wide range of issues, such as Windows Automation, Security, and Directory Services. He is currently the Messaging and Information Security technical lead within EMAN.