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Robyn Ness

John Ray is an award-winning developer and security consultant with more than 17 years of programming and administration experience. He has worked on projects for the FCC, the National Regulatory Research Institute, The Ohio State University, Xerox, and the State of Florida. He has written or contributed to more than a dozen books, including Adobe CS3 All in One, Special Edition Using TCP/IP, Mac OS X Unleashed, and Maximum Mac OS X Security. He bought his first Macintosh in 1984 and remains a strong proponent for the operating system that revolutionized computing.

Robyn Ness holds a master’s degree in psychology with a specialization in judgment and decision making from The Ohio State University. She currently works as a web developer, focusing on issues of usability, information design, and content development. In her spare time she tests the bounds of iPhoto by taking a ridiculous number of digital photographs, the best of which can be seen at www.floraphotographs.com.