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Michiel van Otegem

Michiel van Otegem is a frequent seminar speaker and consultant specialising in XML over the past two years, both overseas as well as in the US. He has written XML tutorials and articles for various magazines and Web sites. The author has been working with XML ever since the Beta release of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4. He started working with XSLT once it was incorporated into the MSXML parser. He has created some content management tools and computational XSLT. Michiel has built a unique shopping system based on XSLT processing that has more capabilities than database-driven counterparts. He specializes in the training and development of web-applications with XML. ASP(.NET), VB, Access/SQL Server and Microsoft Transaction Server/COM+. Michiel was originally a Senior Developer with PC Dynamics. He has had his own company since June 1999. Michiel has been the Assistant Moderator of ASPLists.com since January 2000. ASPLists.com is the largest collection of mailing lists on ASP in the world. Thousands of ASP developers use these mailing lists for help. Michiel is in a unique position to understand the needs of intelligent web developers that seek to learn and understand XSLT for the first time.