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Sharon Dooley

Sharon Dooley's love affair with computers began 35 years ago when she learned to write FORTRAN for the IBM 7094. Since then she has worked with a variety of mainframe, minicomputer, and PC database management systems including SQL Server, Sybase, IMS, Oracle, and IDMS (not to mention the venerable dBase). A true veteran of Microsoft's SQL Server, Sharon has been working with the product since the OS/2-based Version 1.0. Since then, she has maintained an active consulting practice specializing in Microsoft SQL Server. She works as a database designer, database administrator, and as a mentor for application developers who are writing front ends in Visual Basic and ASP. For 12 years, Sharon has been writing Transact-SQL code for stored procedures, triggers and views that implement complex security schemes for applications, such as document image management, telephony market research, sales force automation, and marketing communications tracking. She is skilled at analyzing and solving performance problems.

Well-known as an instructor and author, Sharon continues to share her knowledge with the IT community. Currently an instructor for Learning Tree International, Sharon has also authored many of their training seminars, including SQL Server 7 Administration, SQL Server 6 System Administration, Optimizing SQL Server Database and Application Performance, and Sybase System 10 Hands-On Introduction. She is the technical editor of Learning Tree's SQL Server 6 Introduction and Developing SQL Server Applications with Visual Basic courses. In addition, Sharon frequently presents at professional conferences and contributes articles to http://www.swynk.com. She faithfully follows SWYNK's SQL Server list servers where her explanations and answers to questions have lead to her being referred to as a "SQL Server goddess." She is also the lead author of Professional SQL Server 6.5 Administration published by Wrox Press, and served as technical reviewer for Joe Celko's Instant SQL Programming (Wrox Press). Among her other positions and achievements, Sharon is a member of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) Web Services Committee, which is responsible for (among other things) developing a SQL Server-based Knowledge Portal that provides a repository of SQL Server information. Ms. Dooley also holds a bachelor's degree in Computer and Information Sciences (Magna cum Laude) from the University of Pennsylvania.

When Sharon can tear herself away from SQL Server, she is an avid vegetable gardener and entertains her three feline housemates.