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Michael Stiefel

Michael Stiefel is principal of Reliable Software, Inc., a Massachusetts company that specializes in consulting and training with Microsoft technologies. His expertise covers all stages of architecture, design and implementation of service oriented applications. For more information about Reliable Software, Inc. and .NET, consult www.reliablesoftware.com.

He has worked for Microsoft, and taught graduate-level software engineering at Northeastern University. Michael holds a B.S. in electrical engineering, an M.S. in nuclear engineering, and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in nuclear engineering, political science, and the history of technology, all from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Reliable Software, Inc. (+001) 617.739.4730 Website: www.reliablesoftware.com Blog: http://www.reliablesoftware.com/dasblog/default.aspx "Radical Designs, Conservatively Engineered" "Our Technology Courses Make You Productive Immediately"