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Kenny Roy

Kenny Roy started in the animation industry in 1997 as a dust buster on a children’s animated feature. Since then, he has gone on to animate some of the most memorable characters on screen, from Scooby Doo to King Kong. In 2007, he founded Arconyx Animation Studios in Los Angeles, where he directs projects ranging from TV commercials to short films and visual FX. An animation teacher for almost 8 years, Kenny is also a multiple-published author in animation and a world-traveling lecturer.


Fiona Rivera has animated and created 3D graphics for independent film, iPhone apps, marketing, university TV, and training courses. Fiona initially trained in 3D at Escape Studios, a premier visual effects academy in London, and went on to study character animation through Animation Mentor, where she met Kenny Roy. In addition to freelancing for companies such as Strange-Box.com, she has taught and developed undergraduate and postgraduate university courses in 3D animation, 3D modeling and rendering, and visual effects. Fiona has also created stereoscopic immersive virtual environments for European research projects and is currently researching related new technologies.