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Cynthia J. Smith

Lorna McDougall has extensive experience in organizational development for major companies and universities in the U.S. and UK. She joined Andersen Worldwide's Performance Consulting group in 1990, where her work included research, organizational planning and development, and cross-cultural training for worldwide delivery for Audit, Tax and Consulting.

Cynthia J. Smith worked in the Management Development Group in Arthur Andersen's Center for Professional Education and Development. She also worked at World Headquarters on cultural risk management and onsite with engagement teams in Asia developing improvements in high risk and international project management.

Susan Squires has over 15 years' professional experience conducting organizational research in corporate settings, evaluating new products, and leading business trainings throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. In 1994, she joined Andersen Worldwide, where she worked with Andersen Consulting and Arthur Andersen as well as many of their clients.

William R. Yeack joined Arthur Andersen in 1981, worked on audit engagements, earned his CPA (1983), and was a member of the Management Information Consulting Division, which became Andersen Consulting. He specialized in large, high-risk projects in the utility and financial industries. He held high-level executive positions with international responsibilities that involved ongoing business relations with the firm.