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Jinjer Simon

Andrew Watt is an independent consultant and author with expertise in XML and Web technologies including SVG. He is author of Designing SVG Web Graphics (New Riders) and XPath Essentials (Wiley). He is co-author of XML Schema Essentials (Wiley) and contributing author to XHTML, XML & Java 2 Platinum Edition (Que), Professional XSL, Professional XML 2nd Edition, and Professional XML Meta Data (Wrox).

Jonathan Watt has been working with JavaScript for two years and has been Webmaster of the Strathclyde University Skills Society Web site, as well as a number of his own Web sites such as dsvg.com. His primary expertise is in the application of JavaScript in the client-side environment, but he also has used ASP and PHP to create database-driven Web sites. He is currently in the third year of a master's degree in engineering at Strathclyde.

Jinjer Simon has been actively involved in the computer industry for the past 17 years. Her involvement in the industry has included programming, providing software technical support, end-user training, developing written and online user documentation, creating software tutorials, developing Internet Web sites, and writing technical books. Jinjer and her husband currently live in Coppell, Texas, with their two children where she currently works as a consultant for MillenniSoft Inc. by providing Web site development and online documentation development.

Jim O'Donnell was born on October 17, 1963, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (you may forward birthday greetings to jim@odonnell.org). After a number of unproductive years, he went to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for 11 years earning three degrees. He now lives in Washington, DC, and spends most of his time building spacecraft. He has been writing and editing books for eight years. When he isn't working, he collects comic books and PEZ dispensers and plays ice hockey for the DC Nationals. Go, Nats!