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Jim Stickley

Jim Stickley is CTO and Vice President of TraceSecurity Inc. He was one of the original founders of TraceSecurity and is a renowned security expert. He has been involved in thousands of security services for financial institutions, Fortune 100 corporations, healthcare facilities, legal firms, insurance companies and Government agencies. He has been a security consultant for 20/20, Network Associates, numerous magazines and newspapers and has been featured in Time Magazine, Business Week, Fortune Magazine, New York Times and many other industry specific publications such as PC Magazine and Security Focus. He also has been showcased on NBC's Nightly News, CNN's NewsNight, several CNBC programs including The Big Idea and numerous times on NBC's Today Show. He has physically breeched the security of more than 1,000 facilities nationwide and had access to billions of stolen identities. When not on assignment, he continues to serve as a speaker and has delivered hundreds of speeches at security-related tradeshows, conventions, seminars and forums throughout the U.S. and other countries, covering topics ranging from identity theft to national cyber terrorism. Be sure to visit www.stickleyonsecurity.com for security tips and the latest alerts.