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Marta Justak

Dr. John Adams has been practicing medicine since 1993 when he received his Doctor of Medicine from Texas A&M University College of Medicine. Specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology, he has served as a naval doctor in the U.S., Italy and Iraq. Dr. Adams has personally delivered over 1,000 babies in his career and has dealt with any number of difficult and extreme medical situations. He is currently practicing in Denver, Colorado at Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital, where he is a member of the faculty teaching OB/GYN to residents and interns.

Marta Justak graduated from Duke University with a liberal arts degree, double-majoring in U.S. History and Comparative Area Studies (Far East and Latin America), which gave her a solid background for her future career in publishing. She's worked in all facets of the media, including television, radio, newspapers, magazines and books, mostly as a writer and editor, but also as a publisher. For the past six years, Marta has focused on her own literary agency, Justak Literary Services, Inc., where she represents clients and packages books for publishers. But her greatest achievement is the fact that she's raised five children, of whom she is inordinately proud.