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Stephen M. Garrison

Dr. William A. Johnson, Jr.


Dr. Johnson received his Ph.D from Oklahoma State University. He has authored two definitive works on writing in the discipline, The Sociology Student Writer's Manual and The Criminal Justice Student Writer's Manual. Dr. Johnson's area of interests are statistics, social psychology, social stratification, majority-minority relations, and sports and leisure. He is currently teaching Sociological Statistics and Social stratification at the Univ. of Central Oklahoma.


Dr. Stephen M. Garrison


Dr.Stephen M. Garrison graduated from the University of South Carolina Ph.D. in 1982, and from Baylor University, M. A. 1977.  He has taught at the University of Central Oklahoma since the fall of 1981 and was the chair of the English department for eight years and is a full professor.

He was director of the Basic Writing Program at UCO, supervisor of Master's Emphasis in Composition, and director of the Graduate Program in English.


Some of Dr. Garrison's academic honors include: Outstanding Young Man of America (1982), Fulbright Senior Lectureship at Jageillonian, Krakow, Poland (1989-1990) and A.A.U.P. Distinguished Scholar of the Year 1990-1991.