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Seon Ho Kim

ALI E. DASHTI, Assistant Professor in the Computer Engineering Department at Kuwait University, specializes in the design of multimedia surveillance systems, and the development of hierarchical storage systems for multimedia databases and applications.

SEON HO KIM is Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of Denver, Denver, CO, and a consultant with leading multimedia and communications firms. His expertise is the design and development of high performance interactive multimedia systems. CYRUS SHAHABI is Assistant Professor and Director of Information Laboratory (InfoLab) at USC's Computer Science Department and at IMSC. He has written more than 70 articles and papers on multimedia databases, storage servers, multidimensional databases, and related topics. He is also the Research Area Director of the Information Management trust at IMSC. ROGER ZIMMERMANN is Research Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at USC, and one of the key researchers of the Remote Media Immersion project at IMSC.