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Arthur Rubinfeld

Arthur Rubinfeld, the architect behind Starbucks' expansion, helped build Starbucks into one of the world's top brands.

As executive vice president at Starbucks, Rubinfeld built a multi-faceted store development and design organization with the talent, in-house processes, and systems necessary to execute rapid expansion. Under his leadership, Starbucks grew from 100 stores to nearly 4,000 stores worldwide, and established innovative co-tenancy and co-branding relationships with companies ranging from Wells Fargo to Barnes and Noble. Starbucks' store development capabilities remain the standard by which the industry measures brand presentation, real estate site selection, store design, construction management, and asset management.

In 2002, Rubinfeld founded AIRVISION, now emerging as one of the world's leading developers of integrated brand positioning, strategic growth, retail design, and operations. Since its founding, the AIRVISION team has worked closely on the development of many of the nation's most recognized brands including Oakley, Gateway, adidas, and Washington Mutual.He can be reached at arthur@airvision.net

Collins Hemingway is best known as the coauthor with Bill Gates on the #1 best-seller, Business @ the Speed of Thought, and has worked in the business and technology arena for 30 years. A Microsoft director of business development and international marketing, Hemingway was an integral part of the company that virtually defined the digital revolution. Through his firm, Escape Velocity Ventures, he lectures and writes on topics as diverse as management, aviation, medicine, technology futures, and the importance of conscience in creating profitable enterprises.

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