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Richard Newbold

Richard Newbold received B.S.E.E and M.S.E.E degrees in 1974 and 1978 respectively and has spent more than thirty years as a digital hardware design engineer and as a self-taught software designer. His design experience includes special-purpose signal processing hardware and computers that process real-time wideband signals, direct sequence spread spectrum system processors, PCM multirate processing systems, high-speed signal processing systems implemented on special-purpose Gallium Arsenide ASICS, transmultiplexers, channelizers, multirate filters, tuners, frequency synthesizers, data lock loops, SDH demultiplexers, fractional re-samplers, adaptive filters, elastic store memories, adaptive beam forming, asynchronous clock recovery, and fault tolerant signal processors. His software experience includes real-time signal processing, bit level hardware simulations, microcode and bit slice programming, assembly programming, FORTRAN, C/C++, and Microsoft Windows graphics-oriented test stations, which were used to bit level simulate, graphically display, and to verify the proper operation of his digital creations.