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Laura Bellamy

Francis DeRespinis, Peter Hayward, Jana Jenkins, Amy Laird, Leslie McDonald, and Eric Radzinski are members of the IBM Style and Word Usage Council, a workgroup of senior editors who represent key product brands in IBM. Laura Bellamy, Information Architect at VMware, Inc., and technical communications instructor at UC Santa Cruz Extension, worked at IBM during its pioneering DITA adoption. Michelle Carey, IBM technical editor and UC Santa Cruz Extension technical communications instructor, has taught best practices for content development and DITA authoring to teams throughout IBM. Jenifer Schlotfeldt,IBMtechnical writer and UC Santa Cruz Extension technical communications instructor, has authored, tested, and taught DITA at IBM since 2003, and also contributed to new DITA specializations. Gretchen Hargis (1944-2005) was a member of the STL Editing Council at IBM's Santa Teresa Laboratory in San Jose, CA, an IBM organization dedicated to excellence in technical information. Ann Kilty Hernandez has been an IBM technical writer, manager, and marketing specialist, and coauthored An Introduction to DB2 for OS/390. Polly Hughes, now retired from IBM, worked as a visual designer for technical information and software interfaces, and as a technical writer. Deirdre Longo, IBM technical editor and writer, edits product interfaces and writes customer information, primarily for content management products. Shannon Rouiller, IBM technical editor, has written and edited topic-based information systems, contextual help, wizards, and product interfaces. She coauthored Designing Effective Wizards. Elizabeth Wilde,IBM technical editor, is a leader in developing quality metrics and processes for technical documentation, and educating writers throughout IBM on developing user-centered information.