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Christopher Tacke

Christopher Tacke, MCSD, is an associate at Rubicon Technologies, Inc., in Reston, Virginia, as well as cofounder and president of Innovative Decision Support Systems, Inc. He has a bachelor's in geology from the University of Montana and a master's in project management from the Keller Graduate School of Management in Illinois. He has written software with uses ranging from text games on his Vic-20 to seismic data analysis to assembly-line automation, but now focuses largely on mobile computing programming, including Windows CE, Palm, and RIM. Chris lives with his wife, Erin, and their black Lab, Zoe, in Maryland.

Tim Bassett, MCSE, MCSD, MCT, MCP+Site Building, has more than eight years of experience as a lead programmer on many emerging technologies. He received a bachelor's in business administration, focused in management information systems, from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. As Mobile Application Group Manager at Rubicon Technologies, Inc., Tim was responsible for a large prercentage of Rubicon's research and development, as well as the training of Rubicon's associates. Currently Tim does independent consulting for mobile applications running on both Windows CE and Palm OS. He lives with his wife, Cori, in Washington D.C.

You can contact Chris via e-mail at ctacke@innovativedss.com. Tim Bassett can be contacted via pocketpcbook@yahoo.com. Be aware, though, that we get a whole lot of e-mail in a day and although we try to read and answer them all, responses may not always be quick. If you're looking for technical help on a problem, we highly recommend searching the archive of and posting to developer community Web sites, newsgroups, and listservers.