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Douglas K. van Duyne

Doug van Duyne is senior director of customer experience products and design at Keynote Systems (Nasdaq: KEYN), the worldwide leader in Web performance measurement and management systems. Mr. van Duyne was the co-founder, president and CEO of NetRaker, a leader in customer experience management solutions prior to NetRaker's acquisition by Keynote in April 2004. Mr. van Duyne possesses over twenty years of entrepreneurial, management and software design experience. He is a leading influencer in the field of customer experience and recently co-authored (with NetRaker Chief Scientist, James Landay) the highly successful Web site architecture book, The Design of Sites.

Mr. van Duyne's management experience includes positions at GO Corporation, an early portable computing developer, and software product design at KidSoft, a pioneering e-commerce company before the advent of web-based shopping. As principal of Dune Design Group, Inc., Mr. van Duyne consulted on major Web site design projects for Intel, Safeway, Cooking.com, and healthshop.com.

Doug studied Computer Science, Physics, Visual Arts, and Music at the University of California, Berkeley and has a B. S. degree in Computer Science.