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Brent Welch

BRENT B. WELCH is a software architect at Panasas, and former researchengineer at Sun Microsystems and Xerox® PARC. He served as senior webengineer at Scriptics, and has been involved in Tcl and Tk from theirearliest days, developing major Tcl applications such as the exmh email userinterface and TclHttpd web server.

Ken Jones has provided training and documentation for software developersfor almost 20 years. He has specialized in the Tcl/Tk language since 1998.

Jeffrey Hobbs is a member of the Tcl Core Team and the release manager forTcl/Tk core. As Senior Developer at ActiveState, he is technical lead forTcl technologies. He served as Tcl Ambassador for Scriptics, and maintainsthe Tk Usage FAQ.