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Jeremy Aston

Jeremy Aston has been involved in commercial software development since graduating from college in 1988, originally developing applications using C. He started concentrating on web application development in 1995, working with both Java and Microsoft technologies, quickly specialising in servlets when they emerged. In 1997, Jeremy lead a team of developers on a large servlet based project to develop a Learning Management System which was subsequently redeveloped using EJB, JSP and XML technologies. This project exposed Jeremy to many common issues faced in multi lingual, multi branded application development and into evaluating how emerging XML and XSLT technologies could be harnessed to solve them. When Cocoon appeared and matured, Jeremy could see how like minded individuals had developed a framework that sought to solve many of the problems that had plagued development teams. Since then Jeremy has developed several applications that exploit Cocoon to ease the development of e-learning content. He and his team are currently working on bringing these tools together to form a comprehensive learning content publishing and management system.