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Archie Reed

Archie Reed is HP Chief Technologist for Cloud Security. He is a 20-year experienced manager and technologist, with a wide range of leadership, architecture, product, R&D, and implementation experience gained in high-profile environments. Archie has worked to deliver both commercial and internal business solutions, as well as managed both engineering and corporate development for a multi-million user, multi-tenant service provider. Archie has been involved in multiple standards efforts, including OASIS to the Cloud Security Alliance. Archie is a regular speaker at executive events, conferences, and analyst meetings on topics including Security, Privacy, Cloud Computing, Identity Management, and Business Technology Optimization. Archie’s previous books include The Definitive Guide to Identity Management, Migrating to Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000, and Implementing Directory Services, alongside many whitepapers and magazine articles. Before becoming an IT professional, Archie held prestigious roles as a croupier, a barman, and a roustabout