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Quint Tatro

Quint Tatro is President and owner of Tatro Capital, LLC, a premier fee-based investment advisory firm located in Central Kentucky. Although the firm may be located hundreds of miles from Wall Street, Quint is regarded as one of the ‘Street’s’ best technicians and has frequented such shows as CNBC’s Fast Money and Fox Business’s Happy Hour, to relay his thoughts and ideas. In addition, Quint writes columns for financial websites such as Forbes.com, Minyanville.com, StockTwits.com, FinancialSense.com, and Tickerville.com


Financial management runs in the genes for Quint, as he comes from a family that has been involved in the financial world for more than 100 years. Long before he could ever officially be employed, he assisted his father, a 38-year veteran money manager, with various projects including research and economic forecasting. Gaining his official start in the business in 1999, Quint began as a retail broker in the family firm located in Rochester, New York. Rapidly growing his business, in 2000 he relocated to Lexington, Kentucky, and in 2003 he separated from the family firm, spreading his wings and launching Tatro Capital.


Furthering his experience and education, in 2005 Quint was given the incredible opportunity to serve as a general partner in a hedge fund located in Bradenton, Florida. During this time period, Quint assisted in the management of a $60 million fund and daily operations of the entire business. In 2007, Quint once again found himself heading back to the Blue Grass to reestablish Tatro Capital and make his now distinguished services available to the general public.


Quint hails from upstate New York but left in 1996 to attend the University of Kentucky where he graduated cum laude with a degree in finance. In 2004 he married his college sweetheart Brandie, who has left the field of physical therapy to enroll as a full-time mom raising their children.


Quint and Brandie are active members of Southland Christian Church and each posses a unique heart for missions, particularly the region of northwest Haiti.