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Michael D. Basch

Michael D. Basch was a founding officer of FedEx, where he spent 10 years as Senior Vice President. He was part of the explosively creative management team that took Fed Ex from 0 to $1 billion, as it built a company cited by Fortune as one of the decade's most well-managed companies. Basch led the teams that invented Fedex's bar code tracing system, built its SuperHub, and founded the FedEx Logistics Division.

Before joining FedEx, Basch spent eight years with UPS in Sales, Personnel, Operations, and Industrial Engineering. After leaving FedEx, he founded and served as President of Service Impact, a firm specializing in advancing the art, science, and practice of leadership.

He is currently Chief Information Officer at Enalasys Corporation, a company based in Calexico, CA that develops advanced energy management system solutions that enable governments and utilities to manage energy usage in homes and small businesses.