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Richard Leinecker

Rick Leinecker is a veteran software developer and author with more than 15 years of experience. Among his current book titles are The Visual C++ 6 Bible, COM+ Unleashed, and Teach Yourself Visual J++ in 21 Days. He's written hundreds of magazine articles, and now writes for developer Web sites such as http://www.developer.com and http://www.UsingASP.net

You might find some of his software, such as Perfect Checkmate and Bicycle Bridge, when you visit retail stores. He's written dozens of entertainment titles over the years, including Trump Castle and Miami Vice.

He's held a number of lead positions in major companies, including Senior Software Engineer at MCI's digital imaging division and Senior Software Engineer at Landmark Communications. He now teaches full time at Rockingham Community College.

When he's not writing books and software, Rick can be found participating in theater guild productions such as Bye Bye Birdie and Camelot. He also sings, plays the guitar and French horn, and writes music.

Vincent Minden is a software consultant specializing in .NET technologies and Japanese language software. He recently returned to the United States from Japan, where he spent five years doing back-end programming for Internet and intranet sites. Vincent started programming in 1981 on a Commodore PET and has been involved with programming ever since. He holds a degree in electrical engineering from Walla Walla College.