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Burke McCarthy

Burke McCarthy has marketed industrial and consumer products in a wide range of industries, including photography, digital imaging, printing, telecommunications, maritime transportation, pharmaceuticals, soaps, fragrances, medical and diagnostic equipment, and HVAC.

Mr. McCarthy earned an MBA in finance from Seton Hall University in 1988. His career with Eastman Kodak took him from technical sales representative in New York City to product line manager in Rochester, NY to regional manager and vice president in Los Angeles to director, global strategic growth to marketing manager of Kodak single-use camera products in Rochester.

His other roles and responsibilities have included technical sales; product development; director of marketing; president, business development; sales management; and strategic planning. He has also worked at Foveon of Santa Clara, Calif. and at Xerox as strategic accounts manager in 2000 based in Rochester. In 2003, he assumed the role of vice president, Six Sigma for Marketing and Sales at PDSS, Inc.