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Richard Pugh

Andy Nicholls has a Master of Mathematics degree from the University of Bath and Master of Science in Statistics with Applications in Medicine from the University of Southampton. Andy worked as a Senior Statistician in the pharmaceutical industry for a number of years before joining Mango Solutions as an R consultant in 2011. Since joining Mango, Andy has taught more than 50 on-site R training courses and has been involved in the development of more than 30 R packages. Today, he manages Mango Solution’s R consultancy team and continues to be a regular contributor to the quarterly LondonR events, by far the largest R user group in the UK, with over 1,000 meet-up members. Andy lives near the historical city of Bath, UK with his wonderful, tolerant wife and son.


Richard Pugh has a first-class Mathematics degree from the University of Bath. Richard worked as a statistician in the pharmaceutical industry before joining Insightful, the developers of S-PLUS, joining the pre-sales consulting team. Richard’s role at Insightful included a variety of activities, providing a range of training and consulting services to blue-chip customers across many sectors. In 2002, Richard co-founded Mango Solutions, developing the company and leading technical efforts around R and other analytic software. Richard is now Mango’s Chief Data Scientist and speaks regularly at data science and R events. Richard lives in Bradford on Avon, UK with his wife and two kids, and spends most of his “spare” (ha!) time renovating his house.


Aimee Gott has a PhD in Statistics from Lancaster University where she also completed her undergraduate and master’s degrees. As Training Lead, Aimee has delivered over 200 days of training for Mango. She has delivered on-site training courses in Europe and the U.S. in all aspects of R, as well as shorter workshops and online webinars. Aimee oversees Mango’s training course development across the data science pipeline, and regularly attends R user groups and meet-ups. In her spare time, Aimee enjoys learning European languages and documenting her travels through photography.