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Victor Gavenda

Susan Kitchens has worked with Bryce since before version 1.0 shipped, and has more recently created and animated Bryce worlds for the home video production, "Planetary Traveler." In addition to writing, Susan is a 2D and 3D pixel-pushing illustrator, graphic designer, and computer graphic training consultant. She lives at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains in Monrovia, California.

Not just another author, this native of Austin, Texas is an editor and producer at Peachpit, where he compiles and tests most of the CD-ROMs you'll find in the back of our books (as well as the DVD-ROM in Making iMovies) and checks manuscripts for technical accuracy. He also shares his knowledge of Mac lore in more general ways, alerting his colleagues to future directions in personal computer technology and helping them when their Macs are Sad.

In a previous life, Victor Gavenda was a geologist, spending his days searching for geothermal energy beneath the Gulf Coast. When he realized that this bored him silly, he began a second career, in music, earning a master's in musicology from the University of California, Berkeley. These days, he balances his duties at Peachpit with choral conducting, harpsichord tuning, and being a dad to Emma.