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Leslie N. Masonson

Leslie N. Masonson, MBA, CCM, is President of Cash Management Resources, a financial consulting firm that he founded in 1987. Masonson’s 40-year working career has spanned financial advisory services, trading, investing, banking operations, management, teaching, and cash/treasury management consulting. From 2004 through 2009 he was also a Financial Advisor offering investment management services to retail clients. Earlier in his career, he worked at the large banks for a total of 17 years as a Vice President at Citibank, an Assistant Vice President at Bank of America, and an Assistant Secretary at Irving Trust Company.


He has written more than 50 articles, including interviews with traders, as well as product and book reviews for numerous financial publications, including Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, Active Trader, and Futures magazine. He has lectured on investing on Crystal Cruises, Celebrity Cruise Line, and Norwegian Cruise Line. In November 2003, he was a speaker at the Intershow Online Investor’s Expo, where he spoke on “Successfully Trading Stocks for a Living.”


Masonson has been studying the stock market for more than 50 years. He has invested in mutual funds, stocks, options, futures, and commodities. Masonson has read more than 500 books on investing and trading, and he is proficient in technical analysis. He has used many investing and trading software programs over the years, including Telescan, OmniTrader, DTN, TradeStation, ULTRA, VectorVest, and High Growth Stock Investing, as well as many charting, investing, and trading sites on the Internet.


He has been interviewed on business radio stations, as well on cable TV on the Financial News Network and CNBC. He has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Institutional Investor, Bottom Line/Business, Inc., Las Vegas Review-Journal, and Advertising Age. He has previously authored the following books: All About Market Timing: The Easy Way to Get Started, (McGraw-Hill, November 2003), Day Trading On The Edge: A Look-Before-You-Leap Guide to Extreme Investing, (AMACOM, 2000), Cash Cash Cash: The Three Principles of Business Survival and Success, (HarperBusiness, 1990), Corporate Cash Management: Techniques and Analysis, (Dow-Jones Irwin, 1985. Coedited with Frank Fabozzi), and the Corporate Treasury Management Manual (A.S. Pratt & Sons, 1998. Editor and Contributor).


Masonson, a permanently Certified Cash Manager (CCM), was elected to the American Management Association’s “Wall of Fame” in 1989 for his contributions to teaching financial management principles to 2,600 financial managers since 1978. In addition, he has prepared and delivered training and seminars on cash management to participants at the Center for Professional Education, Treasury Management Association, Institute of Management Accountants, AICPA, Financial Executives Institute, and Healthcare Financial Management Association.


He has authored more than 50 articles on corporate cash management in the following publications: Management Review, Boardroom Reports, Management Accounting, The Financial Manager, Chief Financial Officer USA 1988, Business Credit, Small Business Report, Financial Executive, Healthcare Financial Management, Investment Decisions, Pensions & Investment Age, Corporate Accounting, and Corporate Finance.


Masonson received a BBA in Finance and Investments from The City College of New York and an MBA in Operations Research from Bernard M. Baruch College. His master’s thesis title was “Statistical Evaluation of the Relative Strength Concept of Common Stock Selection.”