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Chris Radcliff

Chris Radcliffe is a Perl programmer and Chief Evangelist at VelociGen Inc., a Web software company that specializes in performance solutions for Internet business. He has been programming in Perl since 1993, and designing Web sites since 1995.

His first Perl application, written for Stac Inc. in 1995, searched and reformatted legacy technical support data for the Web. The application was one of the first dynamic implementations of the now-ubiquitous support knowledge base. Chris specializes in using Perl's glue capabilities to integrate existing applications and processes with database-backed Web sites. Examples include USAopoly.com and an intranet site for the Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study, which gives researchers around the world real-time access to distributed study information. He has spoken with many developer groups and has given tutorials at the WebLA and Web2000 conferences.

His latest project at VelociGen is developing VelociGenX, a graphic client and server for developing high-performance XML-based applications. VelociGenX is developed entirely in persistent Perl, including the Web-based client interface.