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David Hornby

DAVID HORNBY has been with Sun for the last five years in both SunProfessional Services (SunPS) and Sun's Global Sales Organization. Whilewith SunPS, he specialized in server consolidation and data center consulting,and was instrumental in developing the SunPS consolidation methodology. Hehas participated in the sale and implementation of multiple server consolidationprojects for Sun customers. David currently focuses on consolidation and TCOstrategies in his work with Sun customers. Prior to joining Sun, David spent 25years in IT with an emphasis on providing IT solutions to business problems.He has 10+ years' experience managing IT organizations at the CIO level.

KEN PEPPLE is an IT Architect in Sun Professional Services' Asia Pacific practice.In this role, he assists clients with enterprise computing architecture solutions,concentrating on advanced data center projects. Before moving to his currentposition, Ken managed Sun Professional Services' high-end platform servicesprogram and focused on complex performance issues for the InformationTechnology Consulting and Operations practice. While there, he co-wrote andtaught Sun Education's "Solaris OE Performance and Tuning Secrets" seminar.When not travelling in Asia, Ken is based in the San Francisco Bay area.