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Raphael Malveau

RAPHAEL MALVEAU is a hands-on software architect and consultant in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Malveau formerly served as Chief Scientist at Eidea Labs and Component Management Group, where he established advanced component architecture best practices that led to the creation of several industry-leading software products. His component software development principles are the basis of advanced architecture courses taught worldwide through the Component Academy. Malveau has co-authored two previous technology books and numerous software publications.

DR. THOMAS MOWBRAY, Ph.D., is Chairman of Component Management Group, Founding Board Member of Worldwide Institute of Software Architects, and a practicing software architect who has worked on media asset management, geographic information systems, telecommunications systems, and financial accounting systems. As an Honorary Fellow of the Object Management Group, Dr. Mowbray co-authored the world's first software standard for computer accounting and is author of four books on distributed componentware and software architecture.