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Geoff Lawday

Dr. Geoffrey Lawday currently holds the Tektronix Chair in Measurement at Buckinghamshire New University where he teaches embedded system design and high performance computing in the School of Computing. Having gained a BSc in Physics and an MSc in Computer Engineering at Surrey University he was awarded a PhD in Time-Frequency Signal Analysis from Brunel University. His research in signal integrity engineering is reflected in his publications, such as the critique on the introduction of the new serial buses published in the flagship journal of the Institution of Electrical Engineers.


David Ireland has over thirty years experience in test and measurement ranging from an engineering apprenticeship with Racal, where he gained his formal electronic engineering qualifications, to his current position at Tektronix where he is the marketing manager, design and manufacturing at Tektronix Europe. He is widely recognized by embedded system engineers in Europe for his signal integrity articles and collaborative workshops on high-speed digital system design, test and measurement.


Greg Edlund's career in signal integrity began in 1988 at Supercomputer Systems, Inc., where he simulated and measured timing characteristics of bipolar embedded RAMs used in the computer's vector registers. Since then, he has participated in the development and testing of nine other high-performance computing platforms for Cray Research, Inc., Digital Equipment Corp., and IBM Corp. He has had the good fortune of learning from many talented engineers while focusing his attention on modeling, simulation, and measurement of IO circuits and interconnect components. A solid physical foundation and practical engineering experience combine to form a valuable perspective on optimizing performance, reliability, and cost.