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Budi Kurniawan

Budi Kurniawan is an IT consultant specializing in Internet and object-oriented programming and has taught both Java and Microsoft technologies. He is the author of the most popular Java Upload bean from BrainySoftware.com, which is licensed by Commerce One (NASDAQ: CMRC) and purchased by major corporations, such as Saudi Business Machine Ltd and Baxter Healthcare Corporation.

Budi has a Masters of Research degree in Electrical Engineering from Sydney University, Australia and is working on a thesis project on image processing. Budi has written a number of computer books and published articles in more than 10 publications, including prestigious Java magazines, such as Java-Pro, JavaWorld, JavaReport, and O'Reilly's www.onjava.com. Budi now is the weekly contributor for the Servlets/JSP section of Java Insight and can be contacted at budi@brainysoftware.com.