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Arvind Srinivasan

William C. Nelson has been in the IT industry for more than 20 years. During that time he has been a developer, instructor, author, consultant, and project manager with a focus on web tier, identity, and access management products. Bill’s extensive experience and effective communication skills allow him to bridge the technical/business divide that so often prevents communication between the data center and the board room.


Bill has authored more than 10 courses for Sun Microsystems focused on the Java Enterprise System. He has been working with Sun’s Directory, Web, and Identity products for several years and brings that experience to the courses, books, and articles he has written. Bill currently lives in Tampa, Florida, where he manages a professional services organization that specializes on identity and access management.


Arvind Srinivasan is one of three architects on the Sun Web Server development engineering team. Since joining Sun Microsystems in 2000, he has worked as an individual contributor and has been the technical lead for the Servlet/JSP container of Sun’s Web Server and Application Server. Mass virtual hosting and the superior performance/scalability of the Servlet/JSP container are two of his key contributions to the Sun Java System Web Server. Arvind is also the co-author of Java Networking and Awt Api Superbible: The Comprehensive Reference for the Java Programming Language(ISBN: 157169031X).


Murthy (CVR) Chintalapati (who goes by CVR) is a development engineering leader responsible for Sun’s web tier products, including Sun Web Server 7.0 and the OpenSolaris Web Stack (AMP). He specializes in infrastructure software products for enterprises deploying web 2.0 technologies, scalability on multi-core and chip-based multi-threaded (CMT) systems. CVR holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Mumbai), India. He has been awarded five U.S. patents and has received the Sun Microsystems Chairman’s Award for Innovation.