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Deborah Lynd

Steve Kern is a Certified Lotus Professional who has been working with PCs and writing applications since the early 1980s. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from the Ohio State University and lives and works in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife and two daughters, three fish tanks, and a golden retriever.

This is Steve's third book published by Sams. He was the co-author for Sams' Lotus Notes and Domino R5 Development Unleashed, and he was the lead author for Lotus Notes and Domino 4.5 Developer's Guide. In this edition, he returns to the lead author role. Steve has also contributed chapters to other technical books.

He has written numerous magazine articles as well, including articles for ePro Magazine, Group Computing, Domino Update, and Lotus Notes and Domino Advisor. In addition, he has served as a columnist for Enterprise Solutions for Lotus Notes and Domino.

Steve has also been a technical editor for many Notes books, including Sams' Lotus Notes 4 Unleashed and Lotus Notes and Domino Server 4.5 Unleashed, and Que's Special Edition Using Lotus Notes and Domino 4.5, Special Edition Using Lotus Notes and Domino 4.6, Professional Developer's Guide to Domino, and Easy Lotus Notes 4.5.

Steve can be reached at stevekern@columbus.rr.com.

Debbie Lynd is the content director for The View's conferences and seminars. She has been working with Lotus Notes and Domino since 1992; she is a PCLP in application development and system administration, as well as a CLI. Debbie lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia with her husband, Harry; a very spoiled dog named Gretchen; and a pond full of fish, frogs, and an occasional snake. When not working, Debbie is sleeping or eating, although she has been known to slip away on occasion for a visit with her children, and she has just recently learned that taking Sunday expeditions is a good thing.

Deborah "Deb" Penny has more than 12 years of design and development experience in the computer industry. Studying industrial psychology and computer science at Framingham State University in the early 1980s, she was able to obtain a newly defined and unique perspective on people and computers working together at the onset of the technology revolution. This insight helped her to develop an eye for user interfaces and professional graphic design. During the early 1990s, Deborah focused on database design using Lotus Notes/Domino and became a certified Lotus Notes Developer and Administrator. She has actually worked with Domino since an early beta release within several different networking environments. As Internet technologies matured, she was able to apply UI design to database and Web applications. She was able to further self-study the psychology of intuitive design, user interface design, human factors, and the science and application of color. She has been touted as an industry UI and Domino Design expert.

Over the last 12 years, Deb has been immersed in commercial Web software development and creative content marketing in the stage-gate and product portfolio management arenas for a young start-up company, Value Innovations (http://www.valueinnovations.com). There, she was able to apply her extensive development background using HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, and Macromedia product integration such as Flash and Shockwave, along with applied UI and human factoring.

She currently resides in Winchester, Massachusetts, with her fianceas, two teenage daughters, and four cats. Deb enjoys restoring her 102-year-old Victorian home, researching her family's genealogy, and gardening in her spare time. Deb can be reached via email at dpenny@attbi.com.

Dave Hatter is the president of Libertas Technologies, a technology solutions provider focused on Web-based development and consulting. Dave has nearly 13 years of programming experience in a number of tools and environments, including IBM Websphere and Microsoft IIS/ASP. He has been working with Lotus Notes/Domino for roughly eight years. He is a Principal Certified Lotus Professional: Application Developer (R4, R5) and System Administrator (R4) as well as a Microsoft Certified Professional. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in information systems from Northern Kentucky University.

Dave's former company, Definiti, was named a Beacon Award Finalist in 2000 in the Best e-Business Solution Supplier Relationship Management category for the KAM application that he designed, developed and managed for the Cognis Corporation (formerly Henkel).

Dave has authored, co-authored, and contributed to numerous books for Pearson/Macmillan Computer Publishing, including Fast Track: CLP Application Development, Domino System Administration, Lotus Notes and Domino Essential Reference, Windows NT Server Security Server Handbook, Lotus Notes and Domino Server 4.6 Unleashed, Special Edition Using Lotus Notes and Domino 4.6, Special Edition Using Lotus Notes and Domino 4.5, Using Lotus Notes 4.5, and Special Edition Using Lotus Notes 4.0.

Additionally, he has served as the technical editor of five Macmillan titles: Domino System Administration, Teach Yourself Lotus Notes in 14 Days, Lotus Notes and Domino 4.5 Developers Guide, Lotus Notes and Domino Server 4.6 Unleashed, and Sams Teach Yourself Lotus Notes 4.6 in 24 Hours.

Dave feels strongly about community service and stays active in the local community in a number of ways: council member and Web master for the city of Fort Wright, Kentucky; water cooler talk chair and New Economy Transition Team (N.E.T.T) member; e-government chair for the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce; member of the NKU Alumni Council; technology instructor in the NKU Community Education program; and Web master and member of the Kenton County Republican Party Executive Committee.

Dave can be reached at dhatter@libertastechnologies.com.

Victor Mascari has been in IT for 15 years and has spent most of that time in insurance, specializing in objected-oriented design, development, and implementation. His exclusive focus for the past five years has been Lotus Notes and Domino. He is a CLP Developer and Administrator, as well as a DBA specializing in MS SQL Server and, more recently, PostgreSQL. In addition to Lotus Notes/Domino, he loves C++ and the raw power of pure assembly language, both of which he uses to explore fractals and compression algorithms. He is the president of TPA Solutions, which provides framework solutions for the insurance industry. Victor's interests have led him to develop (in Lotus Notes/Domino) portal systems, workflow engines, and highly scalable Web solutions for various clients. He was the technical editor of several R5 books and has written articles for various Lotus-focused magazines.

Victor has a wonderful wife, Betty, and four wonderful children, Patrick, Samantha, Nicholas, and Abigail.

He can be contacted at victor@tpas.biz.