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Robert Powell

Bob Powell is an Englishman abroad. He currently lives in North Carolina with his wife Chrissy and their children Laurence, Mike, Robyn, Jeremy, Abigail, and Charlie. Currently, Bob is VP of Development at NetEdge Software Incorporated, a consulting company that provides .NET and C++ software design services. Bob's e-mail address is bob@netedgesoftware.com.

Richard Weeks is the CTO and Chief Architect for Crystal Sharp Consulting specializing in .NET applications development. Richard has been writing software for the better part of 10 years, specializing in C++, MFC, COM, ATL, and now C#. His major areas of interest include custom control development, compiler theory, distributed applications development, and design patterns. During the past 10 years, he managed to make time to earn his B.S. degree in Computer Science from Western Carolina University; it proudly hangs next to his G.E.D. When not working, he enjoys video games, go-cart racing, and good beer. Richard Weeks can be reached at rweeks@nc.rr.com.