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Michael J. Economides

Michael J. Economides is a chemical and petroleum engineer and an expert on energy geopolitics. He is a professor at the University of Houston and Managing Partner of Dr. Michael J. Economides Consultants, Inc. with a wide range of industrial consulting, including major retainers by Fortune 500 companies and national oil companies. He has written 15 textbooks and almost 300 journal papers and articles.


Dr. A. Daniel Hill is professor and holder of the Noble Chair in Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University. The author of 150 papers, three books, and five patents, he teaches and conducts research in the areas of production engineering, well completions, well stimulation, production logging, and complex well performance.


Dr. Christine A. Ehlig-Economides holds the Albert B. Stevens Endowed Chair and is a full professor of petroleum engineering at Texas A&M University and Senior Partner of Economides Consultants, Inc. Professor Ehlig-Economides provides industry consulting and training and supervises student research in well production and reservoir analysis. She has authored more than 70 papers and journal articles and is a member of the U. S. National Academy of Engineering.


Ding Zhu is Associate Professor and holder of the W. D. Von Gonten Faculty Fellowship in Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University. Dr. Ding Zhu’s main research areas include general production engineering, well stimulation, and complex well performance. Dr. Zhu is a coauthor of more than one hundred technical papers and one book.