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J. Jeffrey Hanson

J. Jeffrey Hanson has more than twenty-two years of experience in the software industry, including work as senior engineer for the Microsoft Windows port of the OpenDoc project and lead architect for the Route 66 framework at Novell. Jeff was an original member of the expert group for JSR 160: Java Management Extensions (JMX) Remote API. He is currently the CTO for Max International, LLC, where he directs efforts in building mashup infrastructures to support service-oriented and resource-oriented systems within the retail/wholesale industry. Jeff is the author of numerous articles and books, including .NET versus J2EE Web Services: A Comparison of Approaches and Pro JMX: Java Management Extensions, and is coauthor of Web Services Business Strategies and Architectures. Jeff’s software engineering experience spans many different industries, including mortgage lending, newspaper publishing, word processing, networking infrastructures, retail banking, developer tools, reinsurance, IP filtering, and retail marketing.