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Chris Lilley

Chris Lilley has been employed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) since April 1996. There, he is the Graphics Activity Lead and a member of the Technical Architecture Group (TAG). He chairs the current SVG Working Group and was also chair and team contact for the previous SVG Working Group. He has also been a member of the HTML and XSL Working Groups and was for five years chair of the CSS Working Group. He has spoken at numerous Web, XML, Graphics, and Internationalization conferences and is a member of the conference committee for the Unicode, XML Europe, and SVG Open conferences.

Prior to working for the W3C, he was a staff member at the Computer Graphics Unit, University of Manchester, England, where he participated in the standardization of HTML 2.0 and the development of the PNG format. He holds a BSc with honors in Biochemistry from the University of Stirling, Scotland; an MSc in Computing from the University of York, England; and a postgraduate diploma in bioinformatics from the Global Network Academy. Chris contributed Chapter 27 and the Foreword.