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Cynthia Fishel

James Mathewson has followed the Web since 1994, first as a contributing editor specializing in Web publishing and search for ComputerUser magazine, and later as the editor in chief of the magazine and its Web site. Since leaving ComputerUser in 2004, James has worked for IBM as a Web developer and Web content editor. In his current role as editor-in-chief of ibm.com, James sets standards, and creates and delivers education to improve the effectiveness of IBM's Web content. James has trained more than 1000 writers, editors, and content strategists on Web content quality and search engine optimization (SEO) within IBM.

Frank Donatone is an Internet professional with over twenty years' experience in the IT industry. His experience includes people management, project management, Web site design, usability, search engine marketing with a SEMPO certification in advanced SEO, accessibility and Lotus Notes administration, and development. His present job role includes Web site customer satisfaction analysis via various IBM surveys. Utilizing his previous experience, he provides tactical and strategic recommendations for Web site improvement. His position also has a strong focus on SEO to improve IBM's ranking on the Web for key terms and to manage the brand's reputation.

Cynthia Fishel is an interactive specialist with over twenty-four years' experience in the IT industry. Cynthia has 9+ years on the agency side and more than fifteen years of experience working on Web content effectiveness within a Fortune 500 Company. She is a subject matter expert on Web marketing, Web design and branding standards, and usability best practices, including SEO. Her recent position as the IT Consultant Specialist/Web CSAT lead for ibm.com gave her the opportunity to be the single point of contact for IBM business units, helping them to more effectively attract, convert, and retain business through the Web.