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David Vogeleer

David Vogeleer is a Macromedia-certified Flash developer and instructor out of Richmond, Virginia. He has been working in Flash since version 4, focusing mainly on ActionScript. Currently freelancing, he also continues to speak at user groups and classes up and down the East Coast. He is also an avid poster on http://www.FlashMagazine.com as well as being coadministrator of http://www.EMLlabs.com, a Flash and dynamic content resource. And after all that, he still manages to occasionally add content to his personal site for experiments, http://www.evolutionar-e.com, and to go snowboarding.

Matthew Pizzi is the Training Director at Train Simple, a software training company specializing in multimedia products, located in Santa Monica, California. Matthew has been teaching fulltime for five years and is the author of multiple training CDs, including his "Up to Speed" series, offering computer-based training in Flash, Dreamweaver, Final Cut Pro and Photoshop. For more information on classes or training CDs, visit http://www.trainsimple.com.